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Panoptic v0.13.0 is now available!
Oculus Rift support! Also, some experimental tweaks to the way the PC player interacts with NPCs and some other bugfixes.
Click here for the full change log!

Future updates to the demo will still become available on ITCH, but you can also add "Panoptic Demo" to your Steam library and update automatically when new versions are released!

Panoptic is an asymmetrical local multiplayer VR game, between a player wearing a VR headset, and a regular PC player. The VR player controls the powerful Overseer, while the PC player controls the Challenger, a citizen rebelling against the Overseer's oppressive reign, and seeks to destroy it. The Challenger must try to avoid the Overseer's scorching gaze, and to do so, they must often hide in plain sight among the other citizens.

WARNING - The version currently available is only a free, work-in-progress demo
The version of Panoptic currently available on this page is only a demo, based on the original game jam project. We are in the process of polishing this demo. The final version of this demo will remain free, here on ITCH, and on Steam.
Once we have completed work on this demo, we will start working on a full game version, with extended features, which will become available for purchase via Steam Early Access.

Any donations given, when currently downloading the demo from the ITCH.IO page, are greatly appreciated and go directly to helping us develop the game, but do not warrant access to the final, full game version, neither on ITCH.IO, nor on Steam.

To those of you who already payed for downloading the demo, with the intent of buying a full game: please contact us via email, and we'll see what can be arranged.

If you want to support us, but also get a copy of the final full game, we advise you to wait for the game to be released on Steam Early Access!
To keep updated on the full game's Early Access release, as well as other Panoptic news, please consider subscribing to our mailing list, and/or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Panoptic was first designed for IGJam16 (16th-19th august 2016), a 48-hour game jam during GamesCom 2016, in Cologne. The game, originally named "Panoptes", won 3 awards at the event:

As a price for Best Game(s), we got the opportunity to exhibit the game for the remaining two days of GamesCom, at the Indie Arena booth! (along with 3 other games, out of 39 jam entries)

You can download the original IGJam 2016 submission at its IGJam page.

We'd like to thank InnoGames, the other sponsors, and the IGJam16 organisation, crew and jury, for the wonderful experience and amazing prices.

Local Multiplayer only (for now):
The game currently only supports Local Multiplayer, where the VR player and PC player share a single PC / physical location. We intend to include an online multiplayer option later in development.

HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (CV1):
The game is made specifically for VR, and is designed for HTC Vive and Oculus CV1.
The game currently only requires one hand controller, so we advise to only use one, and keep your second hand free.

Notes for Oculus Rift (CV1):
Since the game currently does not use any Oculus Touch functionality, we designed the controls primarily for the Oculus Remote, the small controller which came with your Oculus Rift (CV1). You can also use one Oculus Touch controller instead, if you wish, but in our opinion, the Oculus Remote makes for a more pleasant experience.
The game  was designed from the core as a 360° room-scale game, and some gameplay takes place low to the floor. The original Oculus Rift (CV1) single-camera setup will simply not work, and even the Touch's standard  "2-point forward-facing 180° standing setup" will very likely not function correctly.
PLEASE make sure your Oculus Rift (CV1) is set up for 360° room-scale, before playing our game.

Windows only (for now):
HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (CV1) are currently only supported for Windows.
HTC & Valve have announced earlier that Linux and MacOS support will come for the Vive / SteamVR in the future, so a version of Panoptic for these operating systems is to be expected relatively soon after. Apple will release it's VR-compatible MacOS 10.13 High Sierra in Fall 2017.

We also intend to introduce an online multiplayer option, which separates the Overseer (VR) and Challenger (PC) gameplay. Should this feature be implemented before the HTC Vive / SteamVR support for Linux and MacOS arrives, you can expect a Linux and MacOS version of the Challenger gameplay a lot sooner.


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This is the most fun I've had on a game in a long time! It gets legitimately frustrating as the overseer for all the right reasons! Can't wait to see more levels! (I play superhot first in this video & then this amazing game!) 

do you plan make this online for steam release if people dont have  vive but still want to play or is this strictly local

Hi! The full release will indeed feature online multiplayer, we are working in that right now :)

Hey guys! awesome game.
We're building a platform for asymmetric multiplayer VR games.
Grab some quiet time at #GDC?

Hi, did you do it with Unreal or Unity?

Hi! The game is made in Unity :)

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Loads into my Oculus CV1 HMD, but the keybindings are such that I cannot "shoot" to start the game. This is unfortunate, because other Vive-based games seem to map keybindings with the Oculus Touch without an issue.

I would like to help to test and get this going, if you need somebody with a CV1.

(Edited 1 time) (+2)

Oculus CV1 support is being worked on and is coming as soon as possible :)
— Panoptic Jan


Excellent news! I will give you my feedback as soon as I get my virtual hands on it


This looks amazing. My only question is that, does this require two pcs (one for vive, one for PC player), or is it local to a single PC?

Woops, sorry we missed your comment! In case you did not try it yourself, it is in fact local multiplayer! Sorry again for the delay!

-Panoptic Bastien

Thanks a bunch! Yeah sorry haven't given it a chance yet, gotta get someone to try it with me


This has potential!


Played this with a friend over the weekend, it was a ton of fun! Great design, cant wait for more levels :)


Thank you very much! :)
And we intend to have more levels in the full game!
— Panoptic Jan


can you guys make a mac build for the non-vr player? :D

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

As the sole Mac user on the team, I will try my very best to assure this will be the case, once a networked multiplayer feature gets implemented. ;)
— Panoptic Jan


Haha awesome, thanks!