Panoptic - Early Access Update 3

Hey all!

Another update to Panoptic has just been released! This time around, we have added new content in the form of a new level, new gameplay tweaks, some quality of life features, and of course, bugfixes! The demo has also been updated to match.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us on DiscordTwitter, the Steam forum, or any other means.

Here is a list of the changes!

New Features:

  • A new level is available in a preview: the Waterworks. Set in a brand new environment style, it offers a more straight forward game experience, for quicker games. The level is still very much "Work in Progress" (it's still missing some assets, effects, proper lighting, ...), but you can already give it a try!
  • The Watchers have some visual improvements: their crystals now animate to better indicate their current target.
  • The Watchers also spot the Challenger faster, follow Beings around when focusing on them, and will react to the PC player running or jumping in front of them by alerting the Overseer.
  • We integrated Panoptic with the new SteamVR input system. You are now able to customize your controller settings through Steam itself (In VR, after launching the new update, go into Settings > Controller Settings, and you should find the rebinding interfaces).
  • Valve Index knuckles controller are now fully supported thanks to the same input system.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Watchers now use correct colors for their light and crystals.
  • Watchers cannot be pushed around by other Beings anymore.
  • Watchers do not go back to "neutral" immediately once their target leaves their view range, but will gradually become less suspicious instead.
  • The Overseer will stay blinded when they get outside the playing field.

Enjoy the new version, and see you soon with more new stuff!

— Team Panoptes

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