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A couple of questions, can I play with an oculus quest and oculus link (basically a rift s)? And do both players use the same computer, because I only have one laptop.?

Hi ! For the Quest + Link, it should work without issues, but we have not tested it since we do not have access to the hardware. And yes, the 2 players use the same computer :) The screen will only show the view of the PC player, not the view of the VR headset. Also, please keep in mind this is a game made in a really short time (48h), so there are bound to be a few bugs in there ^^


Can I play this online? One person in VR somewhere other thatn where the pc player is?


Hi there!
I'm sorry, but the game is currently local multiplayer only, so both players will have to play on the same PC (one player in VR, and the other at the monitor).
While we would obviously love to have it, we can't promise anything in terms of future online multiplayer support.


It is't super fast so maybe you could try teamviewer so you could be in vr and the other person could controll your computer from his computer. hope this helpes :D


There is apparently a service called "Parsec", which is basically like TeamViewer, but specifically designed for playing local multiplayer games remotely.
We haven't tried this for ourselves yet, but it could be an option?

Hey nice concept ! I am myself a game programmeur and would love to fix the controller issue and add random luggage to occupied the players! Would you share your code ?

Hi there!
Those are some of the improvements we wish to implement ourselves when more time frees up from working on our current main game, Panoptic.

Um so i'm having a different problem, I can't even pick up anything. Anyone found a fix?

-one desperate boi

for the not realizing objects bug: the trigger is a float. If you are checking for == 0 you might not be accounting for a very small fluctuation of poor hardware

This sucks because I can't let go of the items. It will not let me pack the damn suitcase, I have to spaz my hands out to have them let go.

Yeah Sorry about that! This game, having been made at a game jam, still suffers from a lot of issues. The letting go of items is fairly hit and miss unfortunately :(


Looking forward to trying this! Yall make cool stuff

Thanks! Still a few bugs, but hopefully you have a bit of fun :)